B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia

What is B Infinite?

A lifestyle and consumer-focused reward program designed for members to earn and pay with points at participating partners.

What is a BCard?

BCard is a physical or virtual Membership BCard issued by BLoyalty to members who joined our B Infinite reward program.

How do I join B Infinite membership?

Just download the B Infinite Mobile App to obtain a Virtual BCard via

   - Google Play store for Android users or
   - Apple App store for IOS users

Or simply walk into partner outlets (eg: Caltex, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Tealive, TBM) and apply for a physical co brand BCard.

For more info; logon to this page Get Started

How long do I have to wait to get the BCard?

You will get the BCard on the spot.

For Virtual BCard, you may create the BCard immediately once you have downloaded and signed up via our B Infinite Mobile App.

For physical BCard, you will be given the BCard on the spot when you apply at our partners outlet.

Do I have to pay a fee for a B Infinite membership?

No. Our membership is free. However, there may be a minimal membership fee for some co-branded physical BCard issued at our partner outlets that comes with special privileges.

Is B Infinite membership open to non-Malaysians and what is the age limit?

Membership is open to all individuals, residents and non-residents of Malaysia who are 18 years old and above.

How do I use the BCard?

You can use the BCard immediately to start earning BPoints for your purchases at our partners outlet or via online shopping. Please visit Promotions or browse through our BInfinite Mobile App to view the promotions that we have in-stored for you.

Can I hold more than 1 BCard?

Yes, you may hold more than 1 BCard as we have multiple co brand BCards that come with extra privileges.

I have more than one Bcard, a Generic BCard and a Caltex co-brand card (ie, Journey card). What is the difference?

Both BCards will enable you to collect and redeem BPoints at participating partners, however when you're holding a Caltex co-brand BCard you will also be able to enjoy extra Caltex-related benefits and special offers designed especially for Caltex Journey members.

Can I apply for a supplementary card for my spouse or family members?

We do not issue any supplementary card.

What do I do if I lost / misplaced my physical BCard?

If you have added your BCard inside the B Infinite Mobile Apps you can continue to view and use your existing BCard, however for security reasons you are advised to reset your PIN via:
   - Reset PIN at B Infinite Mobile App or
   - Login to Login to set your preferred PIN.

Nevertheless, if you wish to get a new physical card, you may obtain it from the nearest participating partners outlet and email us at enquiry@binfinite.com.my to request for BPoints to be transferred from your lost card to your new card. Please take note BPoints transfer is only allowable if both lost and new card is registered under the same member profile.

Can I still collect BPoints if I left my BCard at home?

Yes only if you present your virtual BCard that you have added inside your Binfinite Mobile App. Please be inform any request to collect backdated BPoints for transactions that you didn't present your physical / virtual BCard to the partner's outlet is not allowed.

Is the BCard a credit card?

No. BCard is not a credit card, charge card or debit card. You can collect BPoints by using the BCard and the BPoints earned are as good as cash which allows full or partial redemption.

Can I use the virtual BCard at Caltex Station?

As mobile phones are not allowed to be used at any petrol station due to safety precaution, we would advise our member to use a physical Bcard instead to swipe for BPoints collection at Caltex stations. Get more info on our Caltex Journey Card at www.caltex.com

I'm interested to become a partner of B Infinite to accept BCard for my business, how do I go about it?

You may provide us your details at BINFINITE merchant partner or drop us an email to partnership@binfinite.com.my and our team will be in touch with you the soonest.

How can I contact B Infinite?

You can leave us a message at Contact us OR email us at enquiry@binfinite.com.my and we will get back to you within 3 working days. For urgent matters, you may call our Customer Service at 603-2141 8080 (9am to 6pm, Mon-Fri excluding public holidays)